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  • Dancers can wear the new “core colors” (espresso, pictured here) as is, or choose them as an easier starting point than pink for customizing.

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    Gaynor Minden has introduced two new “nude” colors for its satin pointe shoes—cappuccino and espresso—and the company has been ... More »

  • For young dancers (these attend The Dance Academy in Westland, MI), many teachers like leotards with sleeves or thick straps that don’t slip off the shoulder and make students lose focus.

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    A Gift That Keeps on Giving As each new crop of young dancers signs up for their first class—and ... More »

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    COLOR OF THE YEAR Who doesn’t welcome new beginnings? Spring is not far off, with its fresh yellow-green buds—and ... More »

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    When You’re Making New Year’s Resolutions Don’t forget to include yourself! Naturally, you have dreams for your store: to ... More »

  • Mannequins can be repurposed as stunning props—decorated with feathers, like this one from Las Vegas Mannequins, or mosaic tiles or flowers.

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    Stress Relief for the Holiday Season Retailers have a triple challenge when it comes to the holiday season: You ... More »

  • Grand Entrances: up the stairs and into Improv Dancewear in Haverhill, MA

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    Retail Superhero? It’s tempting to want to please every customer who walks in the door, but as any seasoned ... More »

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    SHOES, SHOES, SHOES Shoes are in the spotlight this month, and rightfully so. Shoe sales are where brick-and-mortar stores ... More »

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    HOLIDAY PREP TIME! Back-to-school is still buzzing, and it’s already time to think about the holiday season. (Wipe brow ... More »

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    Dance teachers play a big role in dance retail. Make that roles. First, they can be loyal and regular ... More »

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    No storeowner sells alone. The most sturdy partnership for dance retailers is often the one you cultivate with local ... More »

  • Here’s a sneak peek at a store window one dance dad designed for his town’s dance retailer. Watch for details in the July issue.

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    To prepare for the big fall selling season, you’ve been working to get everything in stock that dancers need ... More »

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    Gymnastics and the Olympics will be on everyone’s mind this summer, with the Rio games on. What about your ... More »

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    A sparkling clean store is a basic must, of course, but beyond that it says “fresh” and “new” and can ... More »

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