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MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER It won’t come as news to any dance storeowner that managing industry changes is just part of running a business. Independent retailers soon discover there’s lots they can’t control—what your competitors or suppliers decide to do; how new generations of customers like to shop; a competitive environment that sometimes seems like aMore »

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HOW TO HIRE SUPERSTARS With back-to-school on the horizon, you want to deliver the best customer service ever—and the key to that is your staff. When it comes to hiring superstars, Vend, the retail software company, has a few tips.  • Hire for attitude, train for skill, Vend suggests. Of course, you want staff toMore »

What Gen Z Cares About

CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING MAY BE PARTICULARLY EFFECTIVE WITH THIS GENERATION. Gen Z shoppers are interested in spending their money at companies in tune with their values, finds a new survey from Businessweek/Morning Consult. Retailers already understand that Gen Z as a group are not just digital natives but social media natives (look for them on InstagramMore »

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DANCE MOM LOVE May 12 may be Mother’s Day, but for dance storeowners, every day is a day to celebrate dance moms. These core customers all crave convenience, certainly, and a sense that you care about their children. But when it comes to selling channels and marketing messages, they’re not one homogeneous group. For eachMore »

People’s Shopping Habits—A Moving Target

RETAILERS AND CONSUMERS SOMETIMES HAVE A DISCONNECT, THIS STUDY REVEALS. Consumers’ expectations about their shopping experiences are shifting faster than ever, finds a new study—and retailers aren’t always keeping up. The study, from Oracle NetSuite in partnership with Wakefield Research and Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, polled 1,200 consumers and 400 executives at $10-million toMore »

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SUMMER CHECKLIST Worried that your customers will take a vacation—from shopping—this summer? Check out this issue’s ideas for combatting any slump and boosting sales. Stock the shelves with activewear dancers will love. Tune up your merchandise mix with fashion-forward picks from smaller vendors. Draw customers into your store with sales that are more like  funMore »

Is There Any Upside to the Amazon Effect?

TIPS FOR SMALL RETAILERS The Amazon Effect—the way the online megaseller has disrupted retail and changed shoppers’ behavior and expectations—is usually seen as a bad thing for small retailers. But BigCommerce’s 2018 Omnichannel Buying Report reveals a more nuanced picture and pinpoints factors that savvy brick-and-mortar retailers can play to their advantage. Convenience, rather thanMore »

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TURN BABY BALLERINAS INTO LIFELONG CUSTOMERS Every storeowner knows the importance of making a good first impression on its youngest customers and their families. Create a child- and parent-friendly shopping experience, with an appealing selection of merchandise, and you gain new customers for decades to come. In fact, more than one storeowner has told usMore »

March Is for Marketing

INSPIRE SALES WITH THESE DATES Every retailer welcomes a fresh angle for their marketing campaigns. March is full of opportunities to connect with customers and get their attention. Use these special themes and hashtag holidays to spark ideas for product promotions, social-media posts or ad campaigns. Carry through and reinforce your messaging with the visualMore »