Free Service to Check Your Business Credit Scores

AND WHAT GOES INTO THEM. Many creditors today are moving away from relying solely on personal credit when judging a business’ financial health, according to Experian, one of the big-three credit reporting agencies, because “personal credit is not considered an ideal predictor of business behavior.” A strong business credit score could mean a higher likelihoodMore »

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GIVING TEACHERS SOME LOVE When dance teachers are in front of a class, they want to project professionalism and be comfortable. So they’re always on the hunt for stylish apparel that meets their unique needs. For this month’s “What Dancers Want” DRN reached out to three ballet instructors (including Erica Fischbach, director, Colorado Ballet Academy,More »

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LET’S CELEBRATE INDIE RETAIL It’s July, and that means it’s Independent Retailer Month. The annual campaign encourages communities to support their local businesses, pointing out that each dollar spent at a local business creates value for the whole community. Your store can build promotions around the campaign; postcards, posters and other materials are available atMore »

“Cherish” Retail: Trending Now

CUSTOMERS LOVE EXPERIENCES. WHAT DOES YOUR STORE OFFER? Amazon, subscription services and auto-renewals are making “chore” shopping—routine, essential purchases—easier. But consumers still seek out the experiential side of shopping, says a recent Vend report. They love “the part [of shopping] that involves discovering great products and socializing with others.” This is good news for localMore »

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STOCKING UP FOR FALL Summer isn’t even officially here, but storeowners already have their eye on fall and the busy back-to-school season. To help you streamline purchasing and make the most of your budget, we’ve gathered deadlines, incentives and contact information from 48 dancewear manufacturers. See our “2018 Back-to-School Ordering Guide.” Don’t miss new tightsMore »

Athleisure and Millennial Markets Still Strong

NICHE PRODUCTS SOLD TO MILLENNIALS DRIVING STRONG ACTIVEWEAR SALES Millennials and athleisure are two of the brightest spots in the U.S. apparel industry, reports The NPD Group, a leading global information company—though momentum slowed in 2017. Millennials had the highest apparel growth rate of all generations at 4 percent—although that was a slower growth rateMore »