Instagram Updates Shopping Features

GIVE CUSTOMERS BEHIND-THE-SCENES PRODUCT INSIGHTS—AND MORE—IN STORIES. Instagram has announced two updates designed to engage shoppers on Instagram. After testing Shopping in Stories for a few months, the company expanded it globally. “With one third of the most-viewed stories coming from businesses, we’re excited to see how Shopping in Stories [will] enable brands to tellMore »

Use Twitter for Competitive Analysis

AND MAKE YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT STAND OUT. Twitter partner Union Metrics, a social-media marketing and analytics company, shared some ideas recently on the Twitter Business blog about how to use competitive intelligence to make your Twitter account stand out. While you may be posting regularly and running hashtag campaigns, savvy business owners also use TwitterMore »

Free Service to Check Your Business Credit Scores

AND WHAT GOES INTO THEM. Many creditors today are moving away from relying solely on personal credit when judging a business’ financial health, according to Experian, one of the big-three credit reporting agencies, because “personal credit is not considered an ideal predictor of business behavior.” A strong business credit score could mean a higher likelihoodMore »

Message Board

GIVING TEACHERS SOME LOVE When dance teachers are in front of a class, they want to project professionalism and be comfortable. So they’re always on the hunt for stylish apparel that meets their unique needs. For this month’s “What Dancers Want” DRN reached out to three ballet instructors (including Erica Fischbach, director, Colorado Ballet Academy,More »