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Customer Loyalty—Not Just a Program, But… Nothing makes a loyal customer faster than impeccable customer service and a sharp selection of affordable products. But loyalty programs can add another reason to choose your store each time. Dance storeowners share details about incentives that work on page 30. About Those New Year’s Resolutions How’s that renovation/relocation/fill-in-the-blankMore »

Getting Ready for Tax Day: Small-business Tax Breaks Finally Renewed

The new tax season opened on January 19, and this year’s filing deadline will be Monday, April 18, or April 19 in Massachusetts and Maine (March 15 for corporations). In the last days of 2015, Congress passed legislation that extended a number of tax breaks for small businesses and made some of them permanent. ThisMore »

This Is Why Storeowners Are Trying Snapchat

Your store has a Facebook page, you’re on Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest. Why add Snapchat, when keeping up with posts on social media is already hard enough? The simplest answer: because that’s where your young dance customers are—on the fastest growing social-media platform today. A hundred million people a day—most of them under 25,More »

Social Commerce: How Retailers Are Reaching Customers and Boosting Sales through Social Media

Early last year, Pinterest and Instagram both began rolling out new “buy buttons” that allow Pinners and Instagrammers not just to browse and scroll and admire, but to buy the items they see. For retailers, this creates the possibility of instant gratification for your customers—they see it; they can get it!—or what marketers are callingMore »