A Focus on Fashion: Spotlight on Bellissimo Dance Boutique

In just three years, Bellissimo Dance Boutique has established a brand all its own by focusing on fashion—celebrated annually with a community-wide fashion show.   Many dance retailers pride themselves on being on-trend with fashion for some aspect of their inventory. But for Bellissimo Dance Boutique, fashion is its DNA. Located in Franklin, TN, partMore »

Nothing Basic About Selling Basics

Undeniably, fashion dancewear (with its frequent refresh) and pointe shoes will capture the most excitement and attention in a dancewear store and probably be the price leaders. Basics—dress-code leotards, tights and slippers, the foundation of dance merchandise that customers buy repeatedly—can easily be taken for granted. Yet basics, while less glamorous, and perhaps less ofMore »

A Store Builds Community: Spotlight on Grit & Grace

Perhaps more than any other retailer, dance storeowners understand the importance of community. Serving dancers at each stage and milestone, you encounter everything that goes along with the journey—schools, recitals, family, friends and the town in which these lives and experiences take place. Community can’t be plugged into a spreadsheet, so how, exactly, does itMore »

Spotlight on Saratoga Dance, Etc.

Seasoned dance retailers can probably agree they are in this business for love. They revel in solving problems for their customers—sourcing the perfect costume, supplying mass quantities of leos, meticulously fitting pointe shoes. Still, the hours are long, the challenges many, and although the relationships are meaningful, they’re time-consuming. Yet it is just this deep,More »

Designs & Displays: Using Shopping Bags to Promote Your Brand

Do your customers recognize and thrill at the sight of your shopping bag, the way so many do when they see the robin’s egg blue Tiffany bag, the Bloomingdale’s kraft-paper “medium brown bag” or Chanel’s glossy black bag with its iconic lettering? “Buying something new is exciting, so that moment is very important,” says MonaMore »

Designs & Displays: What’s Trending at Big-Brand Stores?

As a dance retailer you know what works to sell product. You’re in business, aren’t you? But all successful retailers know they must always be changing, improving, strategizing. The most obvious demonstration of this principle is the big national clothing brands. Like you, they constantly examine the competition and the trends as they work toMore »