Designs & Displays: Perfect Floor Plans

Where to place your pointe shoe fitting area or the best spot to merchandise fashion leotards are decisions that deserve serious consideration. “The goal of a successful store layout is to draw customers through the store, exposing them to all your merchandise and your brand,” says Becky Tyre, retail consultant and owner of the RetailMore »

Designs & Displays: Organizing Tights Displays

Every dancer needs tights, but finding the right pair can often be frustrating for customers. Searching a display for the correct color or style can get confusing, which means an organized and functional display is a must. Staff assistance plays a large role in helping customers find the correct tights, making them different from otherMore »

Designs & Displays: Three Retailers Make Moves That Take Their Businesses to a Whole New Level

Owners of small stores often have one thing working against them—space. That was the case for these three retailers, who struggled to optimize their businesses due to the constraints of their locations. Their racks and displays were crowded, the fixtures were dated and their floor plans needed rearranging. When opportunity arose, these storeowners took theMore »

Designs & Displays: Footwear Displays and Fixtures

Armed with a list of studio requirements for class, most dancers don’t come to your store to browse for footwear. Still, dance retailers find value in creating eye-catching displays that show off the range of their shoe selection. “I’m a destination,” says Ashley Kelly, owner of Dance Depot in South Daytona, FL. “People come toMore »