Designs & Displays: Top 4 Spots for Your Fashion Leotards

Flashy fashion leotards—the styles in the latest colors with the most eye-catching details—may almost seem to sell themselves. Many customers do come into your store to seek them out, but you can always improve their rate of sale with strategic merchandising throughout the selling floor. Here are the four top places to display fashion leotardsMore »

Designs & Displays: How Instagram-Worthy Is Your Store?

As social-media trends evolve, Instagram has become a platform for sharing experiences and telling a story. Consumers are always on the lookout for design-driven, Instagrammable spaces everywhere they go—including dance stores. Savvy retailers are tapping into this to drive traffic to their stores: They’re updating their interior design to appeal to the experience-driven mind-set ofMore »

Designs & Displays: Feel the Love (and Sales) This Valentine’s Day

Spice up your store displays—and your winter sales—this February with a little love-inspired decor. It’s easy to celebrate Valentine’s Day in this business. Take it from Deanna Magrane, owner of Dance In Dancewear in Oakdale, NY. “I love that Valentine’s Day works well with the traditional dancewear color, pink. And ballet makes me think ofMore »

Designs & Displays: How to Execute the Perfect Move

Moving a store is not easy, even when it is a smart business decision. From selecting the perfect location and designing your new space to packing your shop and informing your customer base, the details of relocating all need careful attention. Here, retailers who relocated talk about how their experiences in their previous space shapedMore »

Designs & Displays: 3 Fresh Ideas for Holiday Displays

It’s time to gather up the twinkle lights, garlands and glittering fake snow. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you’ll want your dancewear displays in tip-top shape to help you capture customers as they make their lists. Need some fresh ideas this year? From ballet-themed props to displays that incorporate selling messages and incentives,More »

Designs & Displays: Props That Pop

Unique props—little extras added to your displays—make a store stand apart and help show off your merchandise in a new and exciting way. At the most basic level, eye-catching props make the products you sell visible. But they also can tell a story—whether it’s “ballet dreams” or “summer fun”—that creates an emotional connection between yourMore »

Designs & Displays: Perfect Floor Plans

Where to place your pointe shoe fitting area or the best spot to merchandise fashion leotards are decisions that deserve serious consideration. “The goal of a successful store layout is to draw customers through the store, exposing them to all your merchandise and your brand,” says Becky Tyre, retail consultant and owner of the RetailMore »

Designs & Displays: Organizing Tights Displays

Every dancer needs tights, but finding the right pair can often be frustrating for customers. Searching a display for the correct color or style can get confusing, which means an organized and functional display is a must. Staff assistance plays a large role in helping customers find the correct tights, making them different from otherMore »