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Editor's Note: Back-to-School’s Final Countdown

Dance Retailer News

In a few short weeks the back-to-school season will be in full swing. That means long and often chaotic days—but also large profits—are ahead. You spent the summer getting ready for the crowds. Now, take a closer look at your business practices, and fine-tune the areas that bring in the most revenue during the fall. In this issue, we look into a few changes you can make this month to prepare your store for the rush.

[bf: Increase your order for kidswear] Baby ballerinas are a large part of what makes back-to-school so successful. Having extra tutus and tiaras will up the wow factor of your displays, and whatever is left over after the rush will quickly sell in the coming months. For all the ruffles and frills fit for a dance boutique, see “Twinkle Toes” (pg. 14).

[bf: Don’t forget the moms] As Zumba continues to gain popularity, the number of dance moms who sign up increases. You can educate women on the importance of wearing dance sneakers to class while they are shopping for their daughters’ schoolwear this fall. In “ZUMBA!”, (pg. 20), we share easy event ideas and quick promotions you can use to get more Zumba dancers to shop at your store.

[bf: Refresh your selling space] The rest of your shop is important, too. Dancers won’t know you have new gear if your displays and signage look the same. To find out what will work best this fall, we turned to professional retail consultants for tips from national chains. In “Best in Class,” (pg. 22), learn how stores like Macy’s and Target refresh their look for fall.

[bf: Wrap it up] Long after you accept payment, keep up the excitement of the shopping experience with creative packaging. In “In The Bag,” (pg. 28) we show you how handing out a new shopping bag at the end of each customer’s visit will effortlessly lead to her next.
What do you do in July to prepare for back-to-school? Share your favorite last-minute planning tips with us. E-mail, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

-Libby Dowd, Editor