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Editor's Note: New Year, New Plan

Dance Retailer News

As 2013 kicks off, DRN is here to help you hit the ground running. The economy is gradually ticking up, and dance itself is becoming ever more popular thanks to the growing number of dance-based TV shows and movies on the scene. Here are a few ways you can make the most of the new year:

1. Order early and often. Read our “Guide to Ordering in 2013” (page 20) to learn all the latest dealer incentives and deadlines. And don’t forget to peruse the sidebar ”2013 Trend Forecast” to find out which trends leading manufacturers think you should be paying attention to, as you plan.

2. Upgrade your store…and customer experience. Be sure to read “The Closer” (page 28), which explores why dressing rooms are such a crucial part of securing a sale and offers tips and tricks to help you take your own fitting rooms to the next level. Then, check out “Loyalty Goes Mobile And Social” (page 24), which looks at six new, inexpensive digital loyalty programs that can make it easier for you to keep track of shoppers’ buying preferences and reward your most loyal customers.

3. Refine your brand. In “The Color of Success” (page 32), we shine a spotlight on Haute Pink Dance Wear Boutique, a dance apparel store in a rural area of Ontario, Canada, that turned a profit and saw $175,000 (Canadian) in sales its first year in business. Inspired by chains like lululemon and Victoria’s Secret, the shop’s four co-owners have developed a store that has a distinctly fun, inviting vibe that appeals to young competition dancers. The owners’ impressive marketing strategy, which includes everything from a program that spotlights local dancers to strategic partnerships with other independent businesses (Think a custom raspberry flavored drink from a nearby coffee shop called The Haute Pink!), keeps customers engaged. Get inspired!

Wishing you a profitable year,

—Colleen Bohen