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Editor's Note: Position Your Store for Success

Dance Retailer News

Dance retailers always tell me they can’t read enough about ways to promote their stores. Marketing is more challenging than ever because storeowners must compete for attention in more mediums than ever before. This month, we’re looking at a tool every retailer needs in his or her promotional arsenal: a strong tagline. A good one gives customers a sense of your store’s role in the marketplace and helps differentiate your shop from the competition—every store needs one. Read “Tagline Tips” (page 24) for pointers on how to write a great one and how to use it to make your business stand out.

Once you’ve mastered the art of catching customers’ attention, turn to “A Matter of Time” (page 22). Through monitoring dance stores on social media, we’ve noticed several that adjust their hours with surprising frequency. While we always encourage readers to experiment, it helps to know when you’re doing too much of a good thing. This piece will help you optimize your schedule, so you’re open when customers need you and when you’ll stand to make the most profit.

Finally, it’s time to prepare for recital season. To help get you started, “Taking Center Stage” (page 18) is filled with performance-ready looks, and “Simple Pleasures” (page 14) showcases several must-have gifts. Then, check out “Recital Window Ideas” (page 32), for fresh window concepts that will draw in customers this spring.

Wishing you showstopping sales!

—Colleen Bohen

*Speaking of Shows…
If you’ll be attending the Atlantic Dance Retail Shows in Chicago (February 9–10) or Baltimore (February 23–24), set aside some time for DRN! I’ll be hosting business-building seminars each day during lunch. Visit for registration information, and then e-mail me at to tell me which topics you’re dying to talk about. I’m looking forward to meeting you!