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Editor's Note: Start Selling More Basics

Dance Retailer News

Basics may be simple in terms of style, but when it comes to ordering, displaying and selling them, things can get a little complicated. As one of your best-selling categories, it’s no surprise that you invest a great deal of time and money into this dancewear staple. That’s why this issue is all about how to make the most of this fundamental category.

Rethink Your Displays: Basic black leotards are a necessity for nearly every dancer, but don’t ignore how you present them in your store. Changing the colors of your fixtures and playing with quantities can make a difference in how customers see the product—and entice them to buy more. We asked several established retailers—including the managers at Capezio’s flagship store in New York—how they make basics pop. Turn to “Displaying the Basics” on page 22 to hear what they have to say.

Expand Your Selection: Basic dancewear styles are not limited to leotards. Try adding a rainbow of legwarmers or expanding your selection of pink and tan tights. The more essentials you stock, the more quickly you’ll become the go-to source for dancewear in your community. See all the new and best-selling legwear styles you need in “A Leg Up” (pg. 16).

Spell It Out: Consider the signage you use to direct customers around your store. After all, it’s the finishing touch of each display. Is the font clear and easy to read? Have you included the appropriate information? Are they visible? See “Secrets of Signage That Sells” (pg. 20) to help you create signage that sells.

The ideas in this issue can be applied to any category. Whether you’re working with practice leotards or performance-worthy dance dresses, try something different this year to increase sales. Then, share your advice and ideas with us. E-mail