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Editor's Note: Tiny Shoppers, Big Sales

Dance Retailer News

Thank heaven for little girls! The preschool dance apparel category represents an evergreen source of “fresh starts” for dance retailers. Every year a new group of tiny dancers streams into your store seeking the gear they need to attend their first dance classes, which means that every year you get a new chance to make a positive first impression on a fresh bunch of customers and their parents. In short, the preschool market is a gift that keeps on giving.

This issue is designed to help you cater to your youngest, most impressionable customers. To begin, turn to “Petite Primas” (page 16) for a peek at some of the latest tot apparel on the market. Stock up on these must-have items to keep your assortment feeling fresh. Then, turn to Seen and Heard (page 34) to learn how several veteran retailers are going above and beyond to court preschool customers. From engaging special events to unique customer service practices designed to make every young customer feel like a princess, you’re sure to find inspiration that will help you fine-tune your own approach to dealing with tiny dancers.

Finally, don’t miss this month’s Ask Leslie (page 32). She offers practical design tips and tricks to ensure that your store feels as welcoming as possible to young shoppers and their parents.
With the right strategy, you’ll be able to establish yourself right away as an irreplaceable source of the products and insider info dancers need to navigate the local studio scene. After all, if you can connect with these shoppers early on, you’ll gain customers for life.

—Colleen Bohen

Talk to me! What’s your strategy for appealing to young dancers? How do you create unforgettable shopping experiences for your smallest customers? E-mail me at to share your ideas.