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SUMMER CHECKLIST Worried that your customers will take a vacation—from shopping—this summer? Check out this issue’s ideas for combatting any slump and boosting sales. Stock the shelves with activewear dancers will love. Tune up your merchandise mix with fashion-forward picks from smaller vendors. Draw customers into your store with sales that are more like  funMore »

Is There Any Upside to the Amazon Effect?

Tips for small retailers The Amazon Effect—the way the online megaseller has disrupted retail and changed shoppers’ behavior and expectations—is usually seen as a bad thing for small retailers. But BigCommerce’s 2018 Omnichannel Buying Report reveals a more nuanced picture and pinpoints factors that savvy brick-and-mortar retailers can play to their advantage. Convenience, rather thanMore »

Designs & Displays: How Instagram-Worthy Is Your Store?

As social-media trends evolve, Instagram has become a platform for sharing experiences and telling a story. Consumers are always on the lookout for design-driven, Instagrammable spaces everywhere they go—including dance stores. Savvy retailers are tapping into this to drive traffic to their stores: They’re updating their interior design to appeal to the experience-driven mind-set ofMore »

Seen & Heard: How Retailers Make Sales Memorable Store Experiences

As great as any retailer’s product selection may be—seasonally or around the big back-to-school or holiday rush—retailers have to constantly find new ways to keep the traffic (and sales) up throughout the year, particularly during slower periods like summer or post-holiday. Having a sale has traditionally been a way retailers drive traffic into a store.More »