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MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER It won’t come as news to any dance storeowner that managing industry changes is just part of running a business. Independent retailers soon discover there’s lots they can’t control—what your competitors or suppliers decide to do; how new generations of customers like to shop; a competitive environment that sometimes seems like aMore »

Seen & Heard: How Retailers Make Sure Their Stores Are Welcoming to Male Dancers

Typically, dancewear stores are stocked and designed for female dancers—many of them a kaleidoscope of pink or softer, feminine hues. But more retailers are making it a point to cater to male dancers, who are tapping into everything from hip hop and jazz to modern, ballroom and, yes, ballet. While this market is rarely moreMore »

What Dancers Want: Back-to-School Basics

Some might think that “basic” equals boring, but dancers know that basics—their staple leotards and leggings—are anything but. Whether a dancer’s basics function as dress-code-approved apparel or the capsule collection of her dance wardrobe, they’re the pieces she’ll return to again and again. We spoke with high school and college dancers about the leotards andMore »

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HOW TO HIRE SUPERSTARS With back-to-school on the horizon, you want to deliver the best customer service ever—and the key to that is your staff. When it comes to hiring superstars, Vend, the retail software company, has a few tips.  • Hire for attitude, train for skill, Vend suggests. Of course, you want staff toMore »

What Gen Z Cares About

CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING MAY BE PARTICULARLY EFFECTIVE WITH THIS GENERATION. Gen Z shoppers are interested in spending their money at companies in tune with their values, finds a new survey from Businessweek/Morning Consult. Retailers already understand that Gen Z as a group are not just digital natives but social media natives (look for them on InstagramMore »

Designs & Displays: Top 4 Spots for Your Fashion Leotards

Flashy fashion leotards—the styles in the latest colors with the most eye-catching details—may almost seem to sell themselves. Many customers do come into your store to seek them out, but you can always improve their rate of sale with strategic merchandising throughout the selling floor. Here are the four top places to display fashion leotardsMore »