Boost Your Ballet Sales

Just as so many dance styles are rooted in ballet, many dance retail businesses are built on a foundation of serving ballet dancers. This issue is devoted to helping you cater to those discerning shoppers.

First, you’ll need to keep your store stocked with products that ballet dancers need. Turn to page 14 to find the latest in must-have tutus for ballerinas of all ages, and then check out page 16 for a peek at ballet slippers from leading manufacturers. And don’t miss the collection of warm-ups and knitwear styles on page 18.

Beyond stocking, what additional services can you provide to ballet customers? To make it feel even more worthwhile for them to visit your shop, you may want to offer ribbon-sewing services or update your loyalty program for frequent pointe shoe shoppers. After all, anything you can do to remind ballet dancers of the value and convenience you provide will help drive future sales. For inspiration from other veteran dance retailers, read “Seen & Heard” (page 28).

Finally, to create a display that will truly capture the attention and imagination of your local ballerinas, you’ll want to follow the advice of visual merchandising expert Leslie Groves, who offers several unconventional ideas for designing captivating and engaging ballet displays (page 26). It will motivate you to get creative!

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