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Ready, Set?
In a few weeks, crowds of customers will be heading your way—looking to outfit themselves for a new year of dance. With your orders mostly in, you may now be taking advantage of slower summer days to prep the store for your busiest season and fine-tune your stock and displays. DRN is here to help.

For this issue, we’ve scouted the market and found gorgeous new dance skirts—an item the college dancers we interviewed for “What Dancers Want” all seem to want. Poufy, slinky, floral, short, long—there’s lots of choice.

We know you’ll be giving your leotard displays and racks extra attention for back-to-school. Five storeowners share what’s worked for them in “Look-at-Me Leotard Displays.” To add pizzazz to your displays and bling to your offerings, check out the fashion leos.

Finally, as much as shoppers value your product choice, they also love your know-how—and providing it has business payoffs. See “When Customers Crave Answers” for the role that educational activities play at successful stores.

Wait, Summer’s Not Over
Summer months may be slow for dance retailers, but with a little creativity stores can keep sales percolating. Here, a couple of ideas from QuickBooks Resource Center.

Peg promotions to the weather. As temperatures rise, lower prices: $10 off any purchase of $100 on days the thermometer hits 100. Specifically mention the weather: “Sizzling Sale” or “Rainy Day Discount” (for customers looking to do something indoors when rain cancels their plans).

Grab the chalk. Have a local artist draw a witty summer message or scene (include your products!) on your sidewalk. People like to post chalk art on social media, so you’ll be creating buzz for the store beyond just the passersby.