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When Dance Teachers Come to Shop
Dance teachers are at the very core of every local dance store’s success—not just as influencers of young students and where they shop, but as shoppers themselves. For fresh ideas on tempting products to stock for them, see the practical and fun pieces in our fashion section. And read “What Dancers Want”: Three jazz instructors dish on the new jazz look—and what, exactly, they’d like to be able to buy at local dance retailers.

Talk to Us!
In-store events help lots of local businesses drive traffic to their stores. Whether it’s a pointe-shoe-decorating party or a celebrity book-signing or a trunk show, these events can be a powerful differentiator for any local dance retailer: They add excitement to the shopping experience that can’t be matched online. What in-store events have you held this year? What worked? What fizzled? And what marketing did you do for them? E-mail photos and stories of your successful in-store events to We’re looking for your creative ideas!

Best of Both Worlds
These days even your customers who love to shop in your store will appreciate being able to shop with you whenever they can squeeze it in. Now, with the help of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, even small local brick-and-mortar stores can afford to become omnichannel retailers—reaching their customers wherever they are most likely to be. In “Taking the E-Commerce Plunge?”, DRN talks to three retailers who have recently launched online shops, not as alternatives, but as complements to their brick-and-mortar operations—so they can serve their customers even better and boost their visibility at the same time. There can be unexpected bonuses, too: One store discovered that many of its online shoppers like to pick up their purchases in the store—and then they almost always end up buying additional items once they are there.

The selection of great shoes for modern dancers and the latest pants choices for all sorts of dancers. Plus, when you’re looking for new marketing ideas: Have you tried the new Snapchat feature to tell your story? (See News.)

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