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Make Holiday Sales Sparkle

The holiday season may not be the biggest one for dance retailers, but it can still give an important boost to the bottom line. With people in the mood to buy, it’s a chance to pull in new customers—even nondancers— and boost the spending of existing customers. So how do you draw them in? November 25 is Small Business Saturday—a great way to kick off the holiday season at your store. What are your plans to draw traffic on that day? Holiday events don’t have to be costly or complicated. Cookies and warm apple cider or live music always work. Or maybe the store has an “artist in residence” for a few weekends, demonstrating how to make dance-themed Christmas tree ornaments or decorating pointe shoes to be purchased as gifts. Giving people a higher purpose to come to your store can also draw crowds. Holidays are often a time when people are thinking about what they can contribute. Consider partnering with a local restaurant to donate to a food bank. Or raise funds for a cause. This sense of community will be memorable for customers long after the holidays.

Gift Cards, Take the Stage!

Independent retailers are finding that their gift cards have special appeal these days, as more shoppers look to buy local. And it’s easy to produce cards with professional polish. Many POS systems (Square and Shopify are just two) offer custom gift cards or their own sleek holiday designs. Display your gift cards prominently at the cash wrap, and promote them in your e-mail blasts and on social media. Since many shoppers buy gift cards for themselves, consider promotions like “Spend $100, Get a $20 Gift Card.”

Deck the Store…

You’ll be giving your holiday displays and selection of gifts special attention in the weeks to come. For inspiration, see “Holiday Displays With Selling Power,” some clever ideas for gifts you can stock and dancers’ wish lists.

DON’T MISS…the chance to attract holiday shoppers to your store—even if they’re not dancers. After all, a Vera Bradley bag is a Vera Bradley bag, right? And a lot of little girls love tutus. See our retailer’s holiday checklist for drawing shoppers, lowering everyone’s stress—and making the most of this retail season.


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