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Halloween Marketing Tips

Dance stores with large costume departments will be actively marketing around this holiday. But every store can use the occasion to draw attention and traffic. Here are a few marketing ideas from Square.

Dress up the store. How about black and orange tutus or outfits in the window? Or a row of pumpkins with D-A-N-C-E carved in them? This draws the eye—and projects a sense of fun and whimsy for your brand.

Offer deals. Leading up to the day, bring in traffic with discounts on items or services that will get people Halloween-ready: stage makeup, baby tutus, hair accessories—whatever in your inventory can be “Halloween-ized.” Snap the items and post on Instagram.

Trick or treat. Especially in cities, families will be looking for safe and fun places to trick-or-treat. Get together with neighboring stores and become a destination.

Dress up. Take photos of staff in costume, inviting customers to show off their own. Promote the photo-op on social media. Or turn it into a crowd-drawing store event: a costume competition with prizes and Halloween treats.

Don’t We All Love Shoes?

For brick-and-mortar dance stores, dance shoes are both a profit center and a core competency. Hands-on fittings are a must for dancers (teachers insist on it), especially when it comes to pointe shoes. Learning this skill—and training staff in it—gives many stores their competitive edge. In this year’s annual shoe issue, we talk to four veteran retailers about how they became expert pointe shoe fitters—and how they’re still learning. And, in “Shoe Show-Off,” we feature some stand-out shoe displays that make it stress-free for customers to shop, inspire them with fresh ideas about what to buy and organize inventory to make it easy for the fitter to find the perfect pair. Finally, don’t miss the new pointe shoe releases. They’re more advanced—and more beautiful—than ever.

DON’T MISS…what’s trending in activewear when you’re restocking your shelves in this popular category. DRN talks to a dancer, a trainer and a yoga instructor about the activewear purchases they make, and you’ll find 14 flattering pieces—from leggings and shorts to bra tops and tees.


Photo by Nathan Sayers

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