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When you build a dancewear store from the ground up, you likely know what you stand for—and so do your customers. But what if you buy an existing business? How do you reinvent and revitalize a store, while honoring its long history and all its strengths? And how do you communicate any rebranding? To learn about the decisions one new owner made, turn to page 16 for the story of At Barre, a 40-year-old Greenville, NC, store that Marilyn Rosenthal acquired in 2016. Her new tagline: “Same name. Better service. New vision.”

Which brings up an important point: It doesn’t hurt any business to re-evaluate its own brand story and strategic position in the marketplace from time to time—and even consider a reboot to keep its business fresh and moving forward. Ask yourself: If you were starting from scratch today, what would your vision and goals be? And what pieces of that can you put into place right now?

Summer Homework

Sounds like a terrible idea, I know, but veteran storeowners know that solid prep work during late spring and early summer is what makes for a prosperous and smooth-running back-to-school season. You’ll have your personal checklist: From cleaning and decluttering to training and finalizing inventory plans, see “Back-to-Dance Countdown” for how other storeowners lay the groundwork for less stress, more profitable sales and happier customers, come August and September.

Don’t Miss…

Fashion leos, ballet skirts, jazz shoes and dance sneakers…as you fine-tune your back-to-school inventory, you’ll be thinking about how you can be the go-to for basics but also make your store a destination unlike any other—with stylish and exclusive choices that keep customers coming back. To add excitement to your product mix, you’ll want to check out the fashion leos and ballet skirts. Plus, get the inside scoop on what fashion leos and skirt styles ballet dancers are loving these days. Finally, see “To Jazz or to Jam?” for smart picks in jazz shoes and dance sneakers. Here’s to the most successful back-to-school ever at your store!


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June 2018

Photo by Jayme Thornton

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