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It’s July, and that means it’s Independent Retailer Month. The annual campaign encourages communities to support their local businesses, pointing out that each dollar spent at a local business creates value for the whole community. Your store can build promotions around the campaign; postcards, posters and other materials are available at And organizers offer this activity idea bank to get you started.

Bonus buck: Give customers a $1 coupon for every $10 they spend in your store in July. The coupon is redeemable in August.

Happy hour: Offer red, white and blue cookies or cupcakes with refreshments to promote the “independence” theme.

Badges: Create campaign buttons for your staff to wear with the message: “Proud to be independent.”

Meet and greet: Invite your customers to meet dance brand reps at your store.

Beauty treats: Team up with an independent salon/spa in your community and offer customers in-store pampering.

Goodie bags: Give with certain purchases or to new customers.

Community talent: Support local dancers by hosting a joint in-store activity.

Run a contest: Offer the chance for one lucky winner and friends to have a private shopping party.

Shopping Crawl: Team up with neighboring independent retailers to host a shopping crawl, providing a map and prizes for participants.

Drop and shop: Invite customers to donate lightly worn clothing/shoes in-store for a local cause, such as Dress for Success and, in return, receive an exclusive in-store deal that day.

Charity giving: Offer to make a donation of 10 percent of a customer’s purchase to a local community charity.

Check-in deals: Offer every shopper who “checks in” or tags your store on social media an exclusive in-store promotion.

Online coupons: Offer exclusive promotions on your website that are redeemable in-store only.

Happy Independence Day—and month!

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July 2018

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