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Building relationships is something that every dance storeowner knows is the heart of their business. But beyond the trust of customers, what else creates community? Lots of thought and planning, it turns out. Read how Grit & Grace Studio to Streetwear has invested in activities and events at the store to bring people together in fun, meaningful ways and reached out to make a difference in their lives beyond its walls. What’s more, a recent study found, these low-cost business strategies are better suited to local rather than online businesses and so “help combat the economic disadvantages—such as smaller markets and lower volume—that local retailers typically experience compared to larger online competitors.”

6 Disaster Recovery Tips

No one likes to think about it, but natural disasters can hit independent retailers at any time. Janice and Robert Jucker’s bakery has survived four floods, a hurricane and a fire since 2001, and the SBA has awarded them the 2018 Phoenix Award for Outstanding Disaster Recovery. Here, a few of their (truly) expert tips, shared by the SBA.

Review your hazard and flood coverage now. If you don’t have flood coverage, which is not covered by hazard insurance, and you’re in a vulnerable location, contact the National Flood Insurance Program to purchase flood insurance. Reminder: There is a 30-day waiting period after you make the first premium payment.

Keep your insurance policy number—and the phone numbers of your insurance agent and the claims department—handy.

Find a good restoration company now—they’ll help you clean up the mess so you can focus on reopening your business—and save their number in your cell phone.

Maintain an up-to-date list of all your employees’ contact numbers and e-mail addresses. You’ll want to make sure your staff is safe and kept in the loop.

Get a line of credit or have enough cash to run your business for at least three months.

Move important business records, personal memorabilia and anything that’s irreplaceable offsite. Save as much as you possibly can to the cloud.


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