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As you know, the December magazine you’re holding in your hand is the last print issue of Dance Retailer News. Starting in January, DRN will be digital. It will be a true digital magazine, not a website—with the exact same look as the print publication you are familiar with. But to turn the page, you’ll click on it, rather than physically turn it.

To continue your DRN subscription (it will still be free), all you have to do is register at Do it now, while you’re thinking of it, so you don’t miss out on all the fabulous content in the January issue, including the 2019 Ordering Guide (it will now have live links to vendors) and dancewear trend report. We’re already busy preparing the issue for you.

Once you register, you’ll receive an e-mail each month with a link to the issue, which you can read on your computer, smartphone or tablet. (There will be tutorials, in case you have questions. Or e-mail me at P.S. Did I mention you should register at  You’ll also get free access to the digital editions of Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher, Pointe and Dance Spirit.

Boost Your Ballet Business

Keeping ballet customers happy is key to any dance retailer’s success, whether they account for most of your revenue or just a piece of it. Make your store their go-to destination by stocking the latest tutus, dance slippers, knitwear and warm-ups. Inspire sales with crafty solutions for “Troublesome Ballet Displays.” And put together your best pointe shoe decorating event yet.

Get the Intel You Need

Most dance storeowners don’t get into the business because they love numbers, but crunching a few—certain “key performance indicators”—can reveal important details about your store’s profitability and even sustainability. Get helpful insights from small-business expert Barbara Weltman in “How’s My Store Doing—Really?”

Talk to Us! How are holiday sales going this year? Have you had more shoppers than last year? What’s your most popular gift for dancers? Share with us at

December 2018

Photo by Nathan Sayers

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