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Every storeowner knows the importance of making a good first impression on its youngest customers and their families. Create a child- and parent-friendly shopping experience, with an appealing selection of merchandise, and you gain new customers for decades to come. In fact, more than one storeowner has told us how generation after generation of the same family has shopped at their store. Need new ideas for stocking your shelves with the ballerina looks and dance bags the tiniest dancers will love? See “Baby Mine” and “In the Bag.” And may that steady flow of youngsters who’ve signed up for their first dance class keep walking through your door.

Power of the POS

Are you making the most of what your point-of-sale system can tell you about your business and how to target improvements? More and more dance stores are upgrading to sophisticated cloud-based POS systems. But too often, the very features that can give an independent retailer the kind of insights that only big businesses previously had—data and analysis on sales, traffic patterns, the profitability of specific products or categories, and staff performance—are underutilized.

A POS can even help you tailor personalized, targeted promotions: Say a customer’s buying history is available to you at checkout, and you notice she likes a particular brand of leos. You know the company is about to launch a new line; you share this information with her, inviting her to attend the trunk show you’re organizing. Right away, this personalized attention makes her feel like a valued customer who has been given “insider” information that’s exactly right for her. For more on becoming a power POS user, see “Smarter Ways to Use Your Point-of-Sale System.”

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March 2019

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