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It won’t come as news to any dance storeowner that managing industry changes is just part of running a business. Independent retailers soon discover there’s lots they can’t control—what your competitors or suppliers decide to do; how new generations of customers like to shop; a competitive environment that sometimes seems like a race to the bottom on pricing (and quality). But so many of you are role models of how to do well at the things you can control: delighting your customers with excellent service and professional fittings, drawing dancers into your physical store with a shopping experience like no other, partnering with studios to bring their dancers exactly the leotards and shoes they need, and, yes, branching out with strategically planned online sales as well. You know in your bones that to survive and thrive, every small business must adapt. 

Dance Media is no different, as it looks to the future in a rapidly evolving and increasingly digital media world. We hoped that DRN’s digital edition was the right solution to serve our readers, but to be honest, we think we can do better. So we’re proud to announce that we’ll be replacing it this September with a newly launched product—Dance Business Weekly: Best Moves for Your Small Business—a newsletter delivered straight to your in-box. (In August, look for the 2019–2020 Directory—dance retailers’ ultimate vendor guide.)

Dance Business Weekly will bring you business stories for and about dance retailers but also other small dance enterprises participating in the business of dance. So you’ll find regular retailer profiles spotlighting best practices and articles on the latest retail trends in designs & displays. Studios will find management stories on building enrollment or collecting tuition. And recognizing the shared interests of small dance businesses, we’ll cover topics like negotiating the best lease for a new location (and when it makes sense to buy) or the newest small-business tactics for social media marketing.

Former dancers or dance teachers who launch stores and studios start with their passion for dance. But turning those dance businesses into profitable and sustainable companies is an ongoing challenge in a fiercely competitive corporate world. Our focus at DBW will be on bringing you the business tools and tactics you need to succeed. Together, let’s keep the small business dance economy strong! 

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Photo by Erin Baiano