Designs & Displays: How Instagram-Worthy Is Your Store?

As social-media trends evolve, Instagram has become a platform for sharing experiences and telling a story. Consumers are always on the lookout for design-driven, Instagrammable spaces everywhere they go—including dance stores. Savvy retailers are tapping into this to drive traffic to their stores: They’re updating their interior design to appeal to the experience-driven mind-set ofMore »

Seen & Heard: How Retailers Make Sales Memorable Store Experiences

As great as any retailer’s product selection may be—seasonally or around the big back-to-school or holiday rush—retailers have to constantly find new ways to keep the traffic (and sales) up throughout the year, particularly during slower periods like summer or post-holiday. Having a sale has traditionally been a way retailers drive traffic into a store.More »

Message Board

TURN BABY BALLERINAS INTO LIFELONG CUSTOMERS Every storeowner knows the importance of making a good first impression on its youngest customers and their families. Create a child- and parent-friendly shopping experience, with an appealing selection of merchandise, and you gain new customers for decades to come. In fact, more than one storeowner has told usMore »

March Is for Marketing

INSPIRE SALES WITH THESE DATES Every retailer welcomes a fresh angle for their marketing campaigns. March is full of opportunities to connect with customers and get their attention. Use these special themes and hashtag holidays to spark ideas for product promotions, social-media posts or ad campaigns. Carry through and reinforce your messaging with the visualMore »