Instagram Updates Shopping Features

GIVE CUSTOMERS BEHIND-THE-SCENES PRODUCT INSIGHTS—AND MORE—IN STORIES. Instagram has announced two updates designed to engage shoppers on Instagram. After testing Shopping in Stories for a few months, the company expanded it globally. “With one third of the most-viewed stories coming from businesses, we’re excited to see how Shopping in Stories [will] enable brands to tellMore »

Dance Shoe Revival

Retailers share what goes into a successful pointe decorating event. At pointe shoe decorating events, old pointe shoes get a new life—and stores create memorable experiences for their customers. Dancers who embellish outdated pairs—which a store can display for all to see or which the customer takes home—will not only have fun but forever associateMore »

How’s My Store Doing—Really?

Customers keep coming through the doors, and you’re continually reordering pointe shoes and leotards. Does that mean your business is profitable? That you’re growing? That you don’t face financial problems ahead? You can answer these questions only if you know your numbers. Every retailer needs to keep their eye on what are called key performanceMore »