How’s My Store Doing—Really?

Customers keep coming through the doors, and you’re continually reordering pointe shoes and leotards. Does that mean your business is profitable? That you’re growing? That you don’t face financial problems ahead? You can answer these questions only if you know your numbers. Every retailer needs to keep their eye on what are called key performanceMore »

Nothing Basic About Selling Basics

Undeniably, fashion dancewear (with its frequent refresh) and pointe shoes will capture the most excitement and attention in a dancewear store and probably be the price leaders. Basics—dress-code leotards, tights and slippers, the foundation of dance merchandise that customers buy repeatedly—can easily be taken for granted. Yet basics, while less glamorous, and perhaps less ofMore »

Designs & Displays: How to Execute the Perfect Move

Moving a store is not easy, even when it is a smart business decision. From selecting the perfect location and designing your new space to packing your shop and informing your customer base, the details of relocating all need careful attention. Here, retailers who relocated talk about how their experiences in their previous space shapedMore »