Phishing E-mails People Fall For

Make sure your employees know better. When it comes to phishing scams—a costly threat to businesses big and small—training employees to be aware and adopt the right behavior is a front-line defense, according to Wombat Security Technologies. In its 2017 State of the Phish report, it identifies particular types of messages employees fall for. PhishingMore »

Designs & Displays: Footwear Displays and Fixtures

Armed with a list of studio requirements for class, most dancers don’t come to your store to browse for footwear. Still, dance retailers find value in creating eye-catching displays that show off the range of their shoe selection. “I’m a destination,” says Ashley Kelly, owner of Dance Depot in South Daytona, FL. “People come toMore »

What Dancers Want: Activewear for Dancers

Activewear is certainly growing in popularity, with even Broadway performers now wearing leggings and tank tops in auditions. But dancers are looking for style and high quality, not just an attractive price. We investigated the hottest new trends in activewear, from teens to adults to seniors. Sophia Anthony Disney Equity performer, former Rockette, personal trainer,More »