Cyberattacks on Small Businesses Can Be Costly

Almost half don’t even know they’ve been attacked. Almost 60 percent of small businesses have been victims of a cyberattack in the past year, but the vast majority of them don’t even realize it, according to Nationwide. The insurance company surveyed 1,069 businesses with 1 to 299 employees. At first, only 13 percent of companiesMore »

Designs & Displays: Three Retailers Make Moves That Take Their Businesses to a Whole New Level

Owners of small stores often have one thing working against them—space. That was the case for these three retailers, who struggled to optimize their businesses due to the constraints of their locations. Their racks and displays were crowded, the fixtures were dated and their floor plans needed rearranging. When opportunity arose, these storeowners took theMore »

Seen & Heard: Best Return Policy?

Outdoor apparel and gear retailer L.L. Bean is famous for its no-questions-asked return policy. But its annual sales easily top $1 billion—and its 50-some stores aren’t concerned about restocking items or losing hard-earned cash from credit-card merchant fees. Still, accepting returns can be a boon to small retailers—demonstrating to shoppers that service is your store’sMore »

What Dancers Want: Pre-Professional Style

Many programs have specific leotards, tights, shoes and skirts that dancers are required to wear in classes. This challenges the dancers to show off personality and style in creative ways—from funky warm-ups and dance bags to cute earrings and hair clips. We spoke with three pre-professionals about what’s trending in their programs. Sophia Mellsop ColoradoMore »