Passing the Torch

Colleen_WebsiteJust as we often remind you to allow your business to change and grow, Dance Retailer News is changing, too. With this issue, I’m passing the torch to new editor in chief Basia Hellwig. You may recognize her byline: As a longtime DRN contributor, Basia has a wealth of experience covering small-business topics. You’re in good hands. Feel free to contact her at—or meet her in person at the Atlantic Dance Retail Shows in Dallas or Baltimore.

Thank you for welcoming me into your world. I have loved hearing about your successes and the unique ways you rise to your challenges. You have proven time and again that ingenuity is key to business success.

Welcome to the Recital Issue!

Spring performance season is an opportunity to remind customers of the irreplaceable services you provide. In this issue, you’ll find tools to make your store a one-stop shop for recital customers.

Be sure to restock your store with essentials well before recital season begins. To kick it up a notch, add plenty of performance-ready apparel and postperformance gifts to the mix. “Store to Stage” and “Stage Presents” each feature products your customers will love. Also, don’t miss ”What Dancers Want.” Three studio owners discuss the services they most appreciate from local retail partners at performance time. Start planning—the show must go on!

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