Seen & Heard: How Retailers Make Sure Their Stores Are Welcoming to Male Dancers

Typically, dancewear stores are stocked and designed for female dancers—many of them a kaleidoscope of pink or softer, feminine hues. But more retailers are making it a point to cater to male dancers, who are tapping into everything from hip hop and jazz to modern, ballroom and, yes, ballet. While this market is rarely moreMore »

Seen & Heard: How Retailers Make Sales Memorable Store Experiences

As great as any retailer’s product selection may be—seasonally or around the big back-to-school or holiday rush—retailers have to constantly find new ways to keep the traffic (and sales) up throughout the year, particularly during slower periods like summer or post-holiday. Having a sale has traditionally been a way retailers drive traffic into a store.More »

Seen & Heard: It’s Almost Showtime

Preparing and stocking for recital season takes retailers months, even a year, of preparation. As recital dates approach, everything needs to be in place, so that dancers find their required gear—leotards, costumes, pointe shoes, hair accessories and beyond—at their fingertips. It’s an exciting season for retailers, too. While back-to-school usually generates the biggest revenues, recitalMore »

Dance Shoe Revival

Retailers share what goes into a successful pointe decorating event. At pointe shoe decorating events, old pointe shoes get a new life—and stores create memorable experiences for their customers. Dancers who embellish outdated pairs—which a store can display for all to see or which the customer takes home—will not only have fun but forever associateMore »

Seen & Heard: It’s Comp Time

If managing inventory for back-to-school and holidays isn’t enough to keep dance retailers busy, competition season requires its own special attention. Costumes, shoes, tights, bags—these items and more are what ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap and contemporary dancers need once competitions roll around. Typically, checklists from local studios are the starting point. Retailers can then doMore »

Seen & Heard: Retailers Dip Into Gift-Card Potential Year-round

Sure, gift cards almost sell themselves during the holidays, but retailers have recognized there’s more profit potential to be tapped in these plastic pieces. U.S. consumers bought an average of 6.5 physical gift cards last year, up from 5.9 the previous year, according to a recent First Data study. And all these gift cards areMore »

Seen & Heard: Marking Down Inventory to Clear Room for New Merchandise

When to mark down items can be a tricky business. New seasonal inventory and shifting trends can determine that it’s time to bring prices down on certain items, and then there are those pieces that just won’t sell. Keeping stock too long takes up precious shelf or rack space needed for newer or seasonal itemsMore »