What Dancers Want: Four Summer Study Veterans Share What They Bring to Summer Intensives

With renowned teachers and choreographers, busy days, and, in many cases, an away-from-home setting, summer intensives live up to their name. This is where dancers take their training to the next level. So what do students pack to maximize the experience? DRN sought input from four dancers who each have several years of summer studyMore »

What Dancers Want: Use Recital Season to Strengthen Partnerships with Local Dance Studios

Recitals are not just about the costumes but also the details—shoes, tights, hair accessories, props and even earrings. Many studios rely on local retailers to have these items well-stocked for showtime. Here, three studio managers discuss how their local dance retailers go above and beyond to meet all recital needs. Brittany Schubert Dream Dancers StudiosMore »