July 2018


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    LET’S CELEBRATE INDIE RETAIL It’s July, and that means it’s Independent Retailer Month. The annual campaign encourages communities to ... More »

  • What Creates the Best Retail Experience?

    7 QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU FIND OUT No storeowner can escape the message that the “customer experience” is as ... More »

  • Designs & Displays: Perfect Floor Plans

    Where to place your pointe shoe fitting area or the best spot to merchandise fashion leotards are decisions that ...

  • Seen & Heard: Marking Down Inventory to Clear Room for New Merchandise

    When to mark down items can be a tricky business. New seasonal inventory and shifting trends can determine that ...

  • What Dancers Want: Leggings for All Occasions

    Out with the dance pants and in with the leggings—the go-to fashion trend for cooler days in the studio. ...